TAE50111 Units of Competency

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Diploma of Vocational Education and Training TAE50111 Units of Competency

This user guide outlines the core and elective units for the Diploma of Training Design and Development TAE50111.  We also offer some recommendations on how to approach your study program.

User guide for the TAE50111 Units of Competency

The qualification is made up of a total of 10 units of competency.  You need to complete the 10 units before you can graduate.

TAE50111 Units of Competency Guide

The 10 units of  the TAE50111 Units of Competency are comprised of: 

  • 6 Core Units
  • and 4 Elective Units

Core Units for the TAE50111

  • Core units cannot be changed.  So you will be required to completed all these.
    • TAELLN401A Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills
    • TAEPDD501A Maintain and enhance professional practice
    • TAEDES501A Design and develop learning strategies
    • TAEDEL502A Provide advanced facilitation practice
    • TAEASS502B Design and develop assessment tools
    • TAEASS501A Provide advanced assessment practice

The core units cannot be changed.  You will need to complete all of these.

Elective Units for the TAE50111

There are 13 elective units available for the Diploma of Vocational Education and Training.

We have divided these 13 units into clusters of “occupational interests or fields of study” to help you select the best elective units for your career.

Please note that the units marked by an asterisk * are available only by recognition or direct credit.  

You can choose to study any of the elective units marked in bold:

  • Assessment

    • TAEASS503A Lead assessment validation processes
    • *TAEASS504A Develop and implement recognition strategies
  • Delivery and facilitation

    • *TAEDEL501A Facilitate e-learning
  • Design

    • TAEDES502A Design and develop learning resources
    • TAEDES505A Evaluate a training program
    • *TAEDES503A Design and develop e-learning resources
    • *TAEDES504A Research and develop units of competency
  • Industry and community relations

    • TAEICR501A Work in partnership with industry, enterprises and community groups
      Language, literacy and numeracy
    • TAELLN501B Support the development of adult language literacy and numeracy skills
  • Training advisory services

    • TAETAS501B Undertake organisational training needs analysis
  • Research

    • TAERES501A Apply research to training and assessment practice
  • Sustainability

    • *TAESUS501A Analyse and apply sustainability skills to learning programs
    • *TAESUS502A Identify and apply current sustainability education principles and practice to learning programs


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Our recommendations about the TAE50111 Units of Competency

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talking about the future of training and online delivery

  • We recommend that you study the TAE50111 units of competency electives in the order of Design, then Delivery, then Assessment.  This seems to be a more logical approach to studying since it closely matches the natural process of training in the workplace.
  • Consider adding additional elective units to your Diploma of Vocational Education and Training content.  You are not restricted to just 10 units of competency–they are the minimum requirement.  Whilst you will be required to make an additional payment (and remember that we are extremely affordable), the investment you make could well be a powerful asset to your future career.  For example, if you are already competent in E-learning and online course delivery modes, consider asking for RPL for the *TAEDEL501A Facilitate e-learning.  Interest in E-learning, online courses and open learning is growing at a phenomenal rate.  There is little doubt that the online mode of delivery will eventually match or even surpass the more restrictive and inaccessible face-to-face classroom–this is particularly true for the vocational training sector.

RPL for TAE50111 Units of Competency


Additional options for selecting TAE50111 Units of Competency electives 

The Diploma of Vocational Education and Training qualification was designed to be as flexible and as inclusive as possible.  

Therefore, professional trainers who have specific workplace requirements or career needs, are able to choose up to 2 electives from another training package: for example the Business Services Training Package.

The electives you choose must:

  • be from a currently endorsed Training Package or accredited course at the time the
    certificate is issued by Safecity; and
  • be relevant to the work outcome, local industry requirements and qualification level (and generally this is not just because it is the topic of your training!!!!); and
  • be from a qualification or course at a Diploma level or above; and
  • contribute towards the vocational outcome of the program.


The importance of selecting the right TAE50111 units of competency elective when you enrol

The TAE50111 Units of Competency elective you choose for your course will greatly increase or diminish the effectiveness and value of your Diploma qualification.

Prospective employers will closely scrutinise the units of competency that you have achieved to make sure they match their job descriptors.

When choosing your electives take into consideration your current employment or interests as well as any possible future opportunities that may occur or that you desire.

For example, if you are currently involved in researching vocational training, assessing training, and closely working and cooperating and partnering with community groups, you would choose all the electives from the  “Research” “Assessment” and “Industry and community relations” clusters a total of 5 elective units.

If you have any questions about the content of this page please do not hesitate to contact us.


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