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All of our courses‘ (classroom-based or online courses) study material is of impeccable standard.

Our focus is the development of your skills to the highest standard using the best available training tools and resources.

We are conscious that the quality of the training you receive from us will greatly influence your career as a vocational training professional, and we don’t take this responsibility lightly.

For this reason, we supplement the learning guides with additional free study guides and resources.  

Log in to the Open Learning Network Libraries and Groups Resources and you will find a growing number of quality, interesting and industry relevant free videos, articles and resources.

Our graduates tell us that they appreciate the quality of our study guides and resources and that the course material they used helped them achieve a high level of competency which resulted in job satisfaction, the respect of their students and employers and career advancements.

Whether you are attending an entry-level course, or a more advanced program, the amount of effort you place in your studies, the competency and care of your tutors and the quality of the study material you use determine how successful and effective you will be as a vocational trainer.  

We often tell our students “You will only be attending this course once, make sure to make the best of it”.


Study Material That Is Enjoyable and Engaging!

At Safecity Open Learning, we believe in having fun.  We believe that learning should be an enjoyable experience.  We support our online students in achieving their objectives, and we offer guidance and friendly advice.  Our aim is to bring out the best in our students and our study material reflects that attitude.

Our learning guides are customised to maximise your learning enjoyment experience and to help you study your course in the most efficient way.

So the training material and resources you receive from us depend entirely on the training program you choose.

Take a look at a sample of the videos that we include in our libraries.



These videos make learning enjoyable and bring the lessons to life.  

We are constantly adding new videos and new resources to our online libraries.  We select vocational training videos and articles produced by government and accredited educational bodies, as well as those produced by our training delivery staff.

There is nothing more disheartening and irritating (especially for entry level students) than having to work with boring, dry and confusing study material riddled with unnecessary jargon and obscure acronyms.  

Our learning guides are written in a friendly, logical and interesting way.  Where acronyms are necessary, they are introduced in such a way that students are able to fully understand their meanings.

Learning Guides and Study Material for …

Diploma of Vocational Education and Training Study Guides

Our Diploma of Vocational Education and Training and Diploma of Training Design and Development students receive all their official training material in printed form.  

Although this is more costly and more time consuming for us, we decided to listen to our customers.

Students of advanced qualifications have told us that they prefer receiving printed course materials rather than downloading, printing and collating PDF learning guidelines and Excel study guides.  

A primary reason for this request was that printed manuals were more convenient and easier to study while at work and during down times.

There are no additional costs to our students for this service.  There is nothing else to pay and there are no hidden costs.  When you enrol and pay the non-refundable deposit, student support staff mail you the training manuals for the first two study units of your course.


Study Material example –  Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


Study Material


Types of Study Material, Learning Guides and Resources

Study Material for the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Students who enrol in the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment receive all their study material, learning guides and resources materials via e-mail.   We also offer paper manuals for those students who need them as an optional extra (you pay more money :-). 

The resources we use for the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment are interactive, enjoyable, and user friendly, in line with our belief that learning should be engaging.  

The course material is further explained and facilitated by our tutors using the Online Support Network. This approach to vocational training has proven to be invaluable especially to entry level students and our growing number of international course participants.


Advanced Courses

Students of our advanced vocational training courses tell us that they prefer to receive printed course material–and we listened.  

As part of our continuous improvement plan we encourage our students to make suggestions for improvements to all aspects of our activities.  

The Online Support Network has proven to be a wonderful resource.  Students are freely able to interact directly in an informal and friendly way with admin staff and tutors.


Study material and resources meet industry specific needs

Another beneficial and unique aspect of the Safecity Open Learning Network is that course participants also find industry specific groups, libraries and resources.  

Our vocational training courses attract participants from all types of industries and interests.  

For example, course participants who are actively involved in Health related industries enjoy their own Group Resources.  

As well as providing additional relevant information to their industry, the group has fostered many friendships, collaboration and even new job opportunities.

Safecity’s Vocational Tutors are quick to respond to requests from participants asking for the setting up of an industry specific group.  Tutors are able to setup these group resources easily and quickly without the need of complicated coding.

Call our support staff on 02-63355216, international callers please call +61-2-63355216.


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