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Student Support Services

After 20 years of experience as an RTO, delivering and authoring face-to-face and online nationally recognised courses, we know that adult vocational learners need far more than online technology and clever audio visuals to succeed.  They need student support services that meet their needs.

We know that our course participants need real human contact, not automated robotic responses.  They also need to interact and network with other students and their tutors. Without this student support services contact, distance learning can be a lonely and disheartening experience–even if the content of the online course is excellent.

There is ample evidence to suggest that all students, not just adult vocational learners, need a well-planned and comprehensive student services support system to succeed–no matter how good the content or the mode of delivery.

This is particularly true with adult course participants who are returning to studying activities after a long break from school or academic learning.  The same applies to distance education learners, international students and mature learners.


Student support services that are live and interactive


Student Support Services Network


This is the reason why Safecity spent considerable resources in designing a framework for student support services.  After considerable research and consultation with students and staff, the framework was implemented and the Online Student Support Network was established.

The Student Support Services Network is a dynamic, highly interactive site and it is an added support service we offer to all our vocational training course participants.

With more than 4,000 students and graduates, many of them being international students, the network is a thriving community. Log in at any time of day or night, and you are always in good company.

Our students are exceptionally nice and helpful people.  Senior students will often help new learners by answering generic questions.  Tutors review all answers for correctness and provide further information and help if necessary.


How to access our student support services and network



Logging in and using your account is a breeze and involves just a few mouse clicks. Student Support Services sends you an invitation to set up an account, and you tweak your personal page details by following logical and intuitive steps.  

You have the option to add a picture and personal information, or to opt for anonymous participation (just a first name and initial and no picture or personal details showing).  It is entirely up-to-you.


Customising your personal student support services page

Once logged in, your first step is to customise your personal page.  

All course participants have their own personal page and a personal internal messaging system where they receive notices, and answers from their tutors.

The personal messaging system is a vital component of the student support services network because it guarantees that participants receive their messages without the risk of messages being delayed or sent to spam heaven.  

Because of the increased number of spam filters and the automatic banning of IP triggered by mindless robots, Training Organisations that rely on standard e-mail to communicate with their students are doomed to failure right from the start.

Members of the Safecity Student Support Services Network send and receive messages using a safe and sophisticated internal messaging method and they never have to waste time searching their IP spam folders.

Customising the personal page takes a few seconds and a few mouse clicks.  Some of our students create works of art, others leave the page in their standard setting.  This is entirely up-to-you.


Navigating the Student Support Services Network

We intentionally designed the desktop and navigation system to be intuitive, logical and easy to follow.  

The design team researched school support services websites and online campus models utilised by open colleges student support (US based training organisations)–and improved them 🙂  

The result is a site that is easy to navigate and user friendly.  The main menu is always shown on the top of the window and the various groups and activities are prominently displayed on the side of each page.   There is also a notice board that alerts learners of new posts and articles.


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Student Support Services Updated on 29 July 2015