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Personal attention improves the student experience

The Australian Vocational Training industry, and especially the Training Adult Education sector has witnessed an enormous increase in competition from an ever-increasing number of online providers offering courses at extremely competitive fees.

We will never cut down on personal attention and quality of training 

Healthy competition is a good thing if it forces RTOs to increase value to the course participants.

The ideal course is one that offers the maximum amount of personal service, quality learning material by reliable and stable RTOs and competent feedback by expert tutors.  

Lowering the fees to unsustainable low figures, cutting down on personal attention and quality of information, or adding hidden charges is not healthy competition–it is a recipe for disaster.

Safecity’s  Personal Attention Approach to Service


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After collecting student feedback forms for more than 20 years, we have a very clear picture of what course participants appreciate the most in our courses.  

The findings are applicable to online courses and classroom-based programs alike.  Our students tell us that they want to be able to ask specific questions to tutors and receive answers promptly–even immediately.

Time after time, learners stated that they highly value the personal attention, second only to the quality of training materials and learning guides.

Safecity Personal Attention Approach Definition

Based on these valuable findings, our course training delivery staff formulated the Safecity Personal Attention Definition Plan “To provide simultaneous live personal communication to the widest possible number of course participants”.  

The answer to the plan was the synergistic approach to live communication of the Support Network and the creation of the “Student Chat Room”.

Student Chat Room the answer to improving the student experience

There is nothing more disheartening and irritating for learners than to have to wait for answers to simple “yes and no” questions which are holding up their study progress.  

All educational organisations worldwide are faced with the challenge of providing prompt personal attention and a good student experience, while remaining financially viable.

Our dynamic and synergistic combination of the Support Network and the Student Chat Room services provide a wonderful answer to this challenge.

Safecity’s students get their personal attention in multiple ways in the Student Support Network:

  • By posting questions in various groups, lesson forums, and by reading answers posted by tutors solving other students’ queries.  It is well-known in all service industries that some questions are asked by customers over and over again–especially those customers who are allergic to reading training manuals, guidelines or watching introductory videos.  I am one of them so I fully understand this allergy 🙂
  • By chatting live with tutors and admin staff in the Student Support Network.   Chatting live with a tutor is, without question, the best form of personal attention we can provide.  The benefit of the Student Chat Room multiplies when several hundred students can be simultaneously logged in reading the answers provided live by the tutor.

An example of the personal attention we provide in the Student Chat Room

Other positive aspects of the Safecity’s student support network

A wonderful and unexpected benefit of the Safecity’s student support network approach became evident after a few months of its implementation.  We were delighted to realise that more experienced students were actively helping new learners with “yes and no” questions.

This behaviour is indicative of the type of students we attract–friendly and helpful.  Some of the more helpful students even continue to visit the network and the student chat room after graduating.

Whilst we do not encourage this behaviour, we do appreciate it and we cherish the fact that many of our students form friendships and even long-term business contacts.


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the personal attention page updated on the 29 July 2015