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TAE RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning Online)

RPL or Upgrade your vocational trainer qualifications to the TAE10 online.


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Our (TAE Recognition of Prior Learning) RPL is for vocational education trainers who do not yet hold a nationally recognised qualification.

There are many experienced trainers in the workplace who are currently delivering training outside the VET system. Typically these trainers have attended courses that are not nationally recognised, or have been trained in-house by their employers.

The process of TAE recognition of prior learning enables these experienced trainers to convert their prior learning experience and skills into units toward the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Safecity Open Learning Network offers a friendly, low cost and helpful RPL and Upgrade service. At present we offer the following RPL and Upgrade Packages.




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Prior learning definition

What is prior learning?  There are many long-winded and dry definitions 🙂  ours is “what you know and what you are currently able to do”.


TAE Recognition of Prior Learning Australia

Australian students

Australian Law requires employers and training organisations to recognise qualifications issued by a Registered Training Organisation across all States.  So, if a qualification is issued by an RTO in New South Wales, that qualification is legally valid in all other States and Territories.

Therefore a process of RPL NSW is legally equivalent to an RPL WA.

International students

The Australian Vocational Education and Training system is one of the most advanced and dynamic adult education systems in the world.  It is respected internationally.  Many overseas employers choose to enrol their staff in Australian-produced adult education programs.  However, overseas employers and overseas training organisations are not legally required to accept a qualification issued in Australia.

If you are an overseas student intending to apply for recognition of prior learning with us, please ensure that the qualification will be recognised by your employer.


TAE Recognition of Prior learning definition

TAE Prior learning (RPL) is a process that acknowledges your current knowledge and skills irrespective of how you acquired them.

Safecity specialises in the TAE and can process applications for Recognition of Prior Learning related to TAE training packages.


Credit Transfer definition

Credit transfer refers to the recognition of the formal qualifications you have achieved .  If the formal course you studied matches all the units of competency of the new course, then you receive a credit transfer towards that qualification–and you receive your new qualification without further studies required.

If the formal course you studied only matches some of the units of competency of the new course you will receive a credit transfer towards the matching competencies.


What happens when you apply for RPL or to Upgrade your trainer qualifications

RPL Process

When you apply for Recognition of Prior Learning or Upgrade, our Student Support Team will contact you and provide you with clear guidelines on the evidence you need to gather.

Our recognition of prior learning is a personalised experience.  We will never fob you off with cheap PDF “Recognition of Prior Learning Tools” and leave you to do all the work.

Depending on the RPL process, our Student Support may provide you with an RPL Assessment Plan Template or other documentation, however we are perfectly aware that no “RPL Assessor Kit” can ever replace or match the value of interacting with a competent and friendly support staff member.

We understand that the process of RPL can be a stressful and unnerving experience for many people and we are here to help you hands on.  

Naturally we cannot carry out the evidence gathering process for you, but we will definitely give you clear outlines of the evidence you need to provide us, and if you need more explanations we will provide it.  All you have to do is use our contact us form.

When you have collected all the evidence required, a friendly Safecity assessor will look at the evidence you provide and report back to you if there are any gaps that need to be filled.

The process is conducted in a friendly, helpful and ethical manner. It is in your best interest to ensure that you have the knowledge and skills that are expected at a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment level.



The differences between our TAE Recognition of Prior Learning and TAE Upgrade

The TAE Recognition of Prior Learning is a process which involves three steps.

1. You gather evidence supporting your claim for credits towards the qualification you desire. The evidence needs to match the units of competency of that qualification. 

We must ensure that the evidence you provide us complies with what is requested by the training authorities.  ASQA carries out regular rigorous and pervasive audits of the qualifications we issue and it is in both your interest and ours that we get it right.

Student support will help clarify what evidence you need to provide. We have been offering Recognition of Prior Learning to Certificate IV and TAE Diploma level qualifications for more than 15 years and we know the process intimately.

2. Once you have submitted your evidence, Safecity’s staff get to work and validates that the evidence you provided matches the units of competency (or qualifications) you want.

Depending on the quality of the evidence you provided, we may need to contact you further and ask you to provide more evidence.

As a rule, our TAE RPL customers are able to supply the evidence we need; and even if a gap is detected we are able to offer efficient and cost effective training.

In some instances, a TAE Recognition of Prior Learning applicant may decide to enrol in the full course.

We treat all our TAE Recognition of Prior Learning applicants in a dignified and friendly manner, and we genuinely care about their needs. This attitude has caused many RPL clients to become full time students.

3. Hopefully we are able to issue the desired qualification or offer a gap package that helps clear the path to the awarding of the qualification.


TAE Upgrade

The TAE Upgrade process is faster and generally requires very little evidence gathering.

This is because the Upgrade applicant already has qualifications that closely (or entirely) match the units of competency they require.

For example, holders of the TAA40104 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification are able to map their qualifications to the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment with only a few minor requirements.  This is where a direct credit transfer can occur.

ASQA, the regulators of the VET system, have identified and implemented many positive changes that streamline the process of upgrading qualifications.

These changes remove the previous unnecessary and cumbersome complications generated by Training Package updates.

Training Packages are dynamic and never static, so there will always been a need to update qualifications, but the new smart changes to the process help prevent inconveniencing stakeholders unnecessarily.


The upgrade process is very simple

1. You submit your current qualification and a list of the units of competency you have completed.

2. A staff member maps out the units of competency and if these can be fully mapped across to the new qualification you are presented with the upgraded certification.

If full mapping is not possible, you are given the option to study the unit of competency that is missing or apply for RPL for that unit.

Safecity offers a very generous free evaluation process of your current qualification.  Use the links below to obtain a free evaluation of your qualification by uploading it using the form we provide.

Fees for the upgrade TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment start from as low as $150 for direct credit assessments. The less work our assessors have to do, the less you will pay.

To start the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment recognition or upgrade process contact Student Support by phone or contact form and we will get back to you for a preliminary friendly discussion.

When we have all the facts at hand, we will be able to offer you a firm quotation to RPL or upgrade your TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification.


TAE Recognition of Prior Learning Cost

To view the TAE RPL and Upgrade Costs please visit the Enrolment Page.  The Enrolment Page contains all our TAE Courses and Services Costs and Fees and Enrolment Forms. Checkout our special offers and package deals 🙂


TAE RPL Recognition of Prior Learning Cost


TAE Recognition of Prior Learning


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