Diploma of Vocational Education and Training

Diploma of Vocational Education and Training

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Diploma of Vocational Education and Training TAE50111

Start your diploma now online with $300 deposit and a no-interest plan. The Diploma of Vocational Education and Training is the ideal qualification for training professionals who are involved in vocational education and training programs within the VET sector.

Focus of the Online TAE50111

The focus of this qualification is in the delivery and assessing of competency-based training at a supervisory or higher level role.

For example you could be a team leader, supervisor or manager of a group of trainers.   Your role could be assessing and evaluating the training delivery staff performance as well as providing remedial training and conducting skills upgrades.

In Australia, you would be working for a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that delivers Vocational Education and Training (VET) accredited courses.   You could also be a senior trainer within the corporate training sector or Government training organisations such as TAFE.




Clearing confusion about appropriate qualifications for each training role.

In a nutshell the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is the qualification you require if you wish to conduct courses that are accredited within the Vocational Education and Training sector (VET).  You do not need the TAE50111 to conduct these programs.

However, if your job description includes leading or training other trainers, then it is in your best interests (and your career’s interest) to study the Diploma of Vocational Education and Training TAE50111.  Since the release of this qualification, many vocational trainers have undertaken the program by enrolling in the course, and also by taking advantage of the RPL Process.


cheapest diploma of vocational education and training

Enrol in Diploma of Vocational Education and Training TAE50111


Other reasons why it is highly advisable for you to complete the TAE50111 Online

The trend we are observing is that most trainers are enrolling in the Dual Diploma of TAE Qualification package or RPL Process.  This includes the two diplomas :

It makes perfect sense that, if you apply for a job promotion, or for an attractive well-paying training job, you will be competing with other trainers who do have TAE Diploma level qualifications.


The TAE50111 an important qualification for all trainers in Australia

Our Diploma TAE Course Certificates are respected–Safecity’s graduates earn their qualifications and are highly regarded by employers.


TAE Diploma of Vocational Education and Training a required qualification in 2017

As well as the obvious benefits of holding a Diploma level qualification, the TAE50111 will be one of the required qualifications for all trainers delivering and assessing the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.



If you intend to deliver and assess the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment or the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment from the 1st of January 2017, you must hold one of these …

– TAE50111 Diploma of Vocational Education and Training (the one listed in this page)
– TAE50116 Diploma of Vocational Education and Training
– TAE50211 Diploma of Training Design and Development
TAE50216 Diploma of Training Design and Development

A certificate IV level qualification is regarded as a senior qualification.  It stands to reason that those who are assessing the competencies of the Cert IV students should logically have a higher level qualification.  This is where the Diploma of Vocational Education and Training fits in perfectly.

The new administrators of the TAE have done a marvelous job at streamlining and pruning off all the repetitive, confusing and often illogical bureaucratic rules of the past.  The result is a more dynamic, intelligent training package system.  They have also identified gaps in the hierarchy of the delivering and assessing of training.  We believe the arrival of the Diploma in VET and two diploma level qualifications are the intelligent answer to these gaps.


Prerequisites for the Diploma of Vocational Education and Training TAE50111

Just as with the Diploma of Training Design and Development there are no formal academic prerequisites to join this course.  However, applicants enrolling in this course should have significant experience in delivering VET training and assessing students at TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment level.  


Our recommendations

We recommend to all our diploma applicants to first complete our TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.  If you completed your TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment by purchasing dubious “accelerated programs“, and are unclear about certain aspects of conducting VET training, we strongly suggest you discuss this issue in confidence with Student Support.  We have provided remedial options to many students who have asked for retraining.  These options are designed to fit in perfectly with your training schedules and can be very inexpensive.

Even if you have achieved a diploma level qualification through other studies within or outside the VET, we suggest you go through the process.

We also recommend you consider obtaining both Diploma qualifications.

Remember, you will only be undertaking the Diploma of Vocational Education and Training once.  We found that those students who are serious about their level of professionalism and who will not stoop to “shortcuts” are those who are the happiest in the industry and who are immediately recognised and promoted by their employers.  

Those who take shortcuts end up feeling miserable and limited and often drop out from the industry altogether.  Our tutors delight in working with students who are diligent and passionate about their studies.  We support these types of students 100%.

So whilst we make sure our course fees are attractive and competitive, our focus is not “TAE50111 Cheapest” but “TAE50111 Smartest”.


Diploma of Vocational Education and Training TAE50111

The Diploma of Vocational Education and Training focuses on the hands-on aspects of training–that is delivering training and assessment at a more advanced level of vocational training.


Suggested Units of Competency for the TAE50111

We feel that the Diploma of Vocational Education and Training will play a critical role in the life of all Australian vocational trainers.  For this reason we have dedicated an extensive TAE50111 user guide for this qualification.  The TAE50111 elective units you choose will greatly affect the “weight” of your qualification.  Student support will discuss the units during the pre-enrolment information phone call.



TAE50111 online support powered by distance education

Safecity’s Open Learning Network offers an ingenious dynamic and efficient model of delivery.  The delivery mode is the result of more than 15 years experience in delivering Diploma level courses. Our students clearly told us that they …

  • Found returning to study stressful.  This is especially true for those course participants who had not undertaken any formal studies since graduating from High School or University.

  • Preferred to receive printed course materials rather than downloading, printing and collating PDF learning guidelines.  Among the many reasons, we learned that students found it more convenient and beneficial to study the text books at work and while commuting.

  • Preferred dictating their study times to fit in with their schedules.  Accessing lessons online and having to attend online training was not an acceptable mode of learning.

  • Expected to get prompt answers to study questions, especially those that caused them to delay their studies.

  • Preferred dynamic, live communication with their tutors rather than just E-mail support.


Diploma of Vocational Education and Training TAE50111 Model of Delivery

We designed our delivery model to satisfy all of the above requirements by creating a dynamic, efficient and blended learning system which incorporates both online training support and the benefits of traditional distance education.

We achieved this objective by coupling the awesome power of online technology to provide an interactive and live experience to our students, and by securing the best Diploma of Vocational Education and Training resources and training materials available.

We are mindful that competition is heavy, and that learners will consider the cost of fees to be a major factor in their choice.

Safecity has managed to keep the fees on par with most competitors.  However, our focus is not on “TAE50111 Cheapest” but on “TAE50111 best value”.


Recognition of Prior Learning for the Diploma of Vocational Education and Training

Safecity has consistently supported graduates and students through Training Package updates.  Our recognition of prior learning team is friendly, competent and helpful.  The process of RPL ensures compliance with the standards so you can feel confident that the qualification you receive from us is highly regarded and compliant.


RPL Diploma of Vocational Education and Training free qualification evaluation service

If you hold any of the superseded Diploma level qualifications, or any other equivalent qualification, take advantage of our free qualification evaluation.  Use the free evaluation form to upload a copy of the certificates you hold, making sure they show the units of competency you completed.  Otherwise. simply list the qualifications in the text box.


Upgrade Diploma of Vocational Education and Training



Training Material

As discussed above, our students receive all their official training material in printed form. There is nothing else to pay and there are no hidden costs.  When you enrol and pay the non-refundable deposit, student support staff mail you the training manuals for the first two study units of your course.


Online Training Support

Support staff also set up your online training support account.  Learn more and watch the video that describes some of the activities you can enjoy.


Course fees for the Diploma of Vocational Education and Training TAE50111

Please refer to our enrolment page for costs and special offers.

Safecity is serious about making the Diploma of Vocational Education and Training accessible to all.  

We believe that knowledge belongs to all and we have consistently proven our determination to make sure applicants are not disadvantaged because of social or economic circumstances.  

You can start studying by paying a non-refundable $300 deposit and taking advantage of our interest-free payment plan.


Frequently asked questions about the Diploma of Vocational Education and Training

Please visit the frequently asked questions page.  We will be updating this page regularly.

If you E-mail us and you do not hear back, please assume your message (or ours) has gone to spam heaven.  

Please give us a quick call on 02-63355216.  Leave a clear message with your contact number and name and nature of your call and a time we can contact you.  Safecity offers a call back service to help prevent time waste and spare you from exasperating lengthy servings of elevator music while waiting on a telephone queue.

Cost Diploma of Vocational Education and Training (TAE50111)

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