Diploma in Training and Assessment

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Accredited Diploma in Training and Assessment qualifications

In Australian this is referred to as the — Diploma of Training and Assessment.

Over the last 10 years there have been vast improvements in the field of training and assessment in the workplace.  There was a time when on the job training was a task performed by supervisors, or by veteran staff member who had years of experience performing a task or skill.

Before the advent of Certificate IV and Diploma in Training and Assessment courses

Without adequate training and assessment standards, the quality of the training and assessment provided was entirely dependent of the ability of the staff member delivering the training and assessment.

Poor productivity, poor performance and accident in the workplace were the direct results of this lack of standards in training and assessment.  Small business suffered because business owners seldom had the skills or the patience necessary to train their employees correctly.  

Corporate business and even some government organizations did not have uniform training and assessment standards. Indeed even within the same branch the effectiveness of the training and the assessing conducted, varied greatly depending on who conducted the training.

This lack of standards meant that each trainer and assessor adopted different methods of training and varying assessment standards.  The assessment processes also differed from branch to branch and even department to department.  This lack of standardisation contributed to poor workplace safety standards, poor safety standards, abuse and bullying of employees, and total lack of accountability and improvement in training and assessment models.

The arrival of the Workplace Training and Assessment Course, Diploma of Training and Development and Diploma in Training and Assessment.

Pressures from insurance companies, and the courts imposing jail sentences on corporate executives during fatal or fatal injuries cases surely contributed to the arrival of the first Government accredited Vocational Education Training Package and the first Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Diploma of Training and Education and Diploma in training and assessment.

The development of the Diploma TAE Course.

Gradually, all the Vocational Training and various industries Training Packages became required standards in the workplace.  Initially, companies had a choice whether to adopt nationally recognised standards or not.  Today this is not the case.  Almost all the major industries are now required to adopt nationally recognised training programs and assessment methods.

Moreover, all trainers delivering such nationally recognised courses must now hold the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Diploma of TAE Training and Assessment a requirement

The importance of conducting appropriate and legally defensible workplace courses and the legal consequences for not doing so, is now causing less developed countries to adopt formally and accredited programs.  We are now receiving more and more assignments from international corporations and government bodies wanting their instructors and trainers to hold Diploma in Training and Assessment, and their staff to hold a TAE Qualification.

Safecity is a specialist in conducting in-house courses for international organisations.  Having conducted many of these, I must admit that they are the most rewarding and memorable training assignments I have conducted.

There are now initiatives for developing countries to receive free training packages information and assistance with establishing formal training and assessment standards.

In Australia, Diploma in Training and Assessment can only be conducted by Registered Training Providers.  The are training organisations that are listed in the Government Training Website, such organizations will have a National Registration Code.

Safecity Training Academy National Registration Code #1367. is now delivering the TAE50216 Diploma of Training Design and Development.  You can enrol in the course right now.  You can also apply for a free evaluation of your qualifications for the purpose of RPL.

Just like all other RTOs we are also applying to have the TAE50116 Diploma of Vocational Education and Training on our scope.

These qualifications have now superseded all previous Diploma in Training and Assessment courses.

TAFE also conducts the Diploma Training and Assessment TAFE program for those who wish to study locally.  TAFE is a Government Training body that provides nationally accredited courses,

1. Study the TAE50216 Diploma of Training Design and Development online.

2. Generous Diploma Training and Assessment RPL pathways available to experienced trainers who are able to provide the necessary evidence.

3. Hold advanced qualifications that could become mandatory for trainers in your country or organisation.

4. Improve your career opportunities and employment status.


Diploma in Training and Assessment

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